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How to…. Avoid and treat burnout

The pressure to succeed at work at all costs can end in a burnout, and it takes more than finding a balance between work and home to rebuild your energy work levels. “Managing burnout is not about regaining balance but rather about making choices for ourselves, choices that don’t conflict but build daily habits that support our being,” says Nicola

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How to… Study for your dream career

The time to start considering the implications of what you study on your work prospects is when you are a student. “Today’s students are developing their skills in the face of an uncertain future, the only certainty being that they will be competing in a very tough job market,” says Peter Kriel, General manager at The Independent Institution of Education.

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How to… Have your career of your dreams

It may seem easier to keep the career of your dreams in your dreams rather than plunging into uncertainty of something unusual, but doing what you love is better than a job you don’t enjoy. “Remain steadfast and committed. Keep learning about your chosen field, the competition, the economy and your clients or customers. Don’t be afraid to promote and

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How to… Help your team cope with change

Change may be uncomfortable, but it is unavoidable, as the pandemic showed us, so manager need to find ways to support their teams in uncertain times. “Almost everything that has been ‘normal’ changed. The uncertainty has reached new heights – as we are not sure what the future will look like,” says executive coach Anja van Beek. She advises: Get

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