How to… Help your team cope with change

Image supplied by Canva / GoodLifeStudio from Getty Images Signature                                                                Article written by Margret Harris

Change may be uncomfortable, but it is unavoidable, as the pandemic showed us, so manager need to find ways to support their teams in uncertain times.

“Almost everything that has been ‘normal’ changed. The uncertainty has reached new heights – as we are not sure what the future will look like,” says executive coach Anja van Beek.

She advises:

Get to know the members of your team so you understand what motivates them as you can provide help when they navigate change;

Make sure every member feels valued;

Discourage your team, through your behaviors, from an all-work-no-pay approach. High-performing teams recognise the importance of balance;

When mistakes are made, shift the focus to solutions rather than playing the blame game;

Provide public recognition to people who excel – a mention at a meeting can make them feel valued; and

Adopt an adaptive thinking approach, which is the ability to consider various responses to unexpected situations and then decide which one to use, quickly.

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