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How to… Craft the perfect CV

A new year brings the promise of change, and for some it may mean dusting off their CV’s and looking for new job. “If you have your sights set on a big career move on landing your dream job in 2023, your CV has to be up to scratch,” says marketing agency Penquin Human Resources (HR) Coordinator Fundi Twala and

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How to… Rekindle your enjoyment of work

Image supplied by Canva Article written by Margret Harris You are back at work (whether in office or remotely) after a well-deserved break, but you aren’t feeling inspired or excited about your career. “Decide what works for you. Devote time to developing regular rhythms and habits that will help you. These can help you cope better with the problems you

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How to…. Ask For A Raise

Image supplied by Canva Article written by Margret Harris Salary negotiations can be stressful and disappointing, especially considering many companies are struggling financially. Requests for more money are therefore always dismissed. “To showcase your value to the organization and embed recognition of your positive contribution in the minds decision-makers, there needs to be ongoing self-monitoring of your achievements performance, and

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