How to… Rekindle your enjoyment of work

Image supplied by Canva                                                                             Article written by Margret Harris

You are back at work (whether in office or remotely) after a well-deserved break, but you aren’t feeling inspired or excited about your career.

“Decide what works for you. Devote time to developing regular rhythms and habits that will help you. These can help you cope better with the problems you face in your job and, as a result, you will find joy in your professional journey,” says executive coach Anja van Beek.  

She advises:

Start by reminding yourself what you find valid in your work – write a list of strengths and the activities you particularly enjoy;

Instead of waiting for someone to offer you a new and better role, find ways to initiate conversations with your manager about new duties you could take on that would make your job more enjoyable;

A mentor can give you a new perspective while helping you chart a new course in your organisation;

Don’t rely on finding a more meaningful role at work by accident – you need to be intentional in your search; and

Pay attention to taking care of yourself – eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and find ways to nourish your spirit.

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