How to…. Ask For A Raise

Image supplied by Canva                                                                             Article written by Margret Harris

Salary negotiations can be stressful and disappointing, especially considering many companies are struggling financially.

Requests for more money are therefore always dismissed.

To showcase your value to the organization and embed recognition of your positive contribution in the minds decision-makers, there needs to be ongoing self-monitoring of your achievements performance, and input and contributions throughout the year, and a strategic sharing of that information on an ongoing basis,” says Debbie Goodman, CEO at recruitment company Jack Hammer Global.

She advises:

  • Keep track of your contributions and achievements all year so when it comes to discussing your salary, you can show why you deserve to earn more;
  • Arrange an informal discussion about your performance each month so your manager is kept up to date with your work; and
  • It is not easy for anyone to be upfront about their work as it can feel as if they are bragging, but with practice you can become more comfortable with talking about your accomplishments and value to the company.  

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