Make the Hybrid-model work

As life slowly returns to something similar to its pre-pandemic version, many companies will adopt a hybrid work model, which comes with its challenges “While it is conceptually appealing, it is fraught with subtleties and risks. Data shows the longer people are away from another, the less they trust each other.” “This is true for leaders and employees, and for

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How to make healthy changes

Our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing affects how well we cope at work with the pressures of most jobs “A healthy lifestyle is not as simple as eating healthily and exercising but incorporates our mental, social and spiritual wellbeing too,” says Kate Powell, Alexander Forbes Health Management Solutions senior consultant “Many of us tend to focus our energy on making

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How to find a better work-life Balance

“A 24-hour weekday should ideally be made up roughly eight hours each for working, sleeping and private time that would include family responsibilities and leisure. The ideal work-life balance is not always possible, and we need to be flexible with a few hours of overtime for urgent work priorities. This should be the exception, however, not the rule,” says Lauren

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How to work in a noisy Environment

As many of us return to the office almost two years at home, we will have to relearn how to cope in a distracting space “Our remote work settings weren’t always havens of peace but many of us adjusted. Now, sitting near our co-workers again feels odd: there’s so much movement, collaboration and talk, says Giant Leap director Lina Trim

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How to be an effective Mentor

Mentorship programmes are a good way to develop talent and use the technical expertise available in the organisation; however, the programmes are only as good as the mentors “Mentoring is the opportunity for leaders to provide support and insights to help less-experienced individuals to grow and develop in their careers. The beauty of a mentorship relationships is when reverse-mentoring happens

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How to fire an Employee

Hollywood may have given us the impression that to fire someone you just need to shout ”you’re fired” – but it is a much longer process, and employers must ensure they meet all the requirements of the Labour Relations Act “Dismissing and employee is never easy. It comes with careful consideration and the decision must be made with the correct

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How to build resilience in the gig economy

reelance work has always been uncertain, but the pandemic has made it even more so Psychologist and executive coach Alan Ahlfeldt, who was part of a South African Freelancers’ Association workshop, says: “The vulnerability of freelancers is huge, which leads to people putting undue pressure on themselves.” He advises: Freelancers have autonomy but little certainty, which means adaptability, is crucial

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How to get your employees to relate to their office space

Those of us who are back at the office will agree the nature of the workspace affects our willingness to be there “Our workspaces reflect our work cultures. Office spaces purpose-designed for individual tasks, conferencing, eating and socialising reflect the values of the Organisations and shape the behaviour and interaction of the occupants,” says Space Sense Workplace strategy and change

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How to encourage staff to speak up

Companies that work on a culture that encourages people to speak up when something bothers them are stronger and more resilient than those that discourage dialogue, says Helen Vermaak, business director at The Human Edge She says, “These companies were able to make quick pivots to confront the need to change, creating a feeling of safety to talk about things

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