How to…. Stay on top in a new job

Image supplied by Canva / FotografieLink from Pixabay Article written by Margret Harris

Starting a new job can be overwhelming as you get used to new colleagues, systems and corporate culture.

“However, there are things you can do to position yourself for success, personally and professionally,” says Edwin Theron, CEO at Sanlam Indie.

He advises:

Begin on the right foot by scheduling a meeting with your manager, if this is not a part of the company’s on-boarding process. Use this time to make sure you know what is expected of you;

You are bound to have many questions in your first few days, so take notes;

Keep Track of your successes from the beginning – record your accomplishments, skills and growth so you can share this with your manager at your performance appraisal; and

A new job can be tiring as you want to create a good impression, but you also need to take care of yourself and set boundaries, so look after your health, spend time doing things you enjoy when free, eat well and get enough sleep…

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