How to… Study for your dream career

Image supplied by Canva /                                                           Article written by Margret Harris

The time to start considering the implications of what you study on your work prospects is when you are a student.

“Today’s students are developing their skills in the face of an uncertain future, the only certainty being that they will be competing in a very tough job market,” says Peter Kriel, General manager at The Independent Institution of Education.

“One of the most important reasons for strategising your career trajectory from early in your studies is to reduce uncertainty and stress by knowing you have a solid plan which will allow you to focus on going above and beyond during your academic journey

He advises:

Getting a postgraduate qualification is no longer nice-to-have, but necessary to be competitive in the job market;

Consider your under – and postgraduate study options and ensure they are aligned with your goals;

Working out what you should study to further your career plans is not a one-off event, but a process that may involve small adjustments; and As you study with a view to your future career, work on building a professional network.

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