How to…. Avoid and treat burnout

Image supplied by iStock                                               Article written by Margret Harris

The pressure to succeed at work at all costs can end in a burnout, and it takes more than finding a balance between work and home to rebuild your energy work levels.

“Managing burnout is not about regaining balance but rather about making choices for ourselves, choices that don’t conflict but build daily habits that support our being,” says Nicola Teger, global head of Investec Careers and Employee Experience

You can only give what you have. Dealing with burnout is about taking care of yourself. The pressure to succeed is a burden many of us carry as we aim to meet expectations and aspirations in our personal and professional circles.”

She advises:

Burnout can happen to anyone. It is the result of trying to be resilient despite what our bodies are telling us;

Not all cases of burnout end in hospital; it can present in different ways and requires us to pay attention to our bodies;

Each week we may need to adjust our list of focus areas to accommodate different tasks and commitments; and

Well being must be viewed as an organizational imperative as it is central to helping individuals build and maintain their energy levels

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