How to… Manage stress

Image supplied ciao_triana—2513150/ Pixabay          Article written by Margret Harris

Stress is mostly unavoidable, from getting stuck in traffic to facing a deadline, but we can all learn to cope with it better.

“Stress is a natural response to many circumstances that your body and mind treat as threatening. When left unchecked, stress can snowball,” says Dr Sivuyile Madikana, a member of Herbalife’s nutrition advisory board.  

“Some consequences of stress are headaches, poor work performance, insomnia and illness. Key to countering stresses is to take time to focus on calm.”

He advises:

Pay attention to your breathing. We often hold our breath when we are stressed and panic is likely to set in when your body is not getting enough oxygen. Breathing exercises can help this;

Try to have five minutes of meditation every day. You can find guided meditation exercises online or spend time being still and focusing on your breathing;

Find ways to treat yourself. It need not be expensive: anything that makes you feel taken care of;

Get enough sleep;

Make stress management a daily process rather than something you turn to when you are feeling overwhelmed; and

Eat nutritious food, exercise and have a regular bedtime.

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