How to …. Use your job description to advance at work

Image supplied Sidelarbi Hadj Amar / Getty Images       Article written by Margret Harris

Too often, job descriptions are used only in employment ads and are never discussed again, even though employees’ roles in organisations may change.

“There is no point using it as a recruitment tool, then putting it in a file. It should be used as a growth tool. It’s essential to have conversations for alignment on both sides relating to expectations and delivery.” Says Imizizi co-founders Yolisa Tshabalala and Mponeng Seshea  

They advise:

A job description can be used to begin a discussion about an employee’s career;

Individuals need to take responsibility for the scope of their jobs to make sure they do not neglect important tasks;

Job descriptions can provide so much more than just a list of responsibilities. They can include the career growth opportunities; and

Employees who want to advance but have a line manager who does not mentor them can manage the process by understanding all aspects of their jobs and taking the initiative whenever possible

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