Create a Meaningful Career

Image supplied by Elvire Studio | Article written by Margaret Harris

The start of a new year is a good excuse to make some changes to make work more meaningful and enjoyable.

“Finding your spark isn’t a passive endeavour. It’s a fight, a journey, a continuous search for meaning. And the rewards? Transformative careers, thriving communities, and a life that ripples with positive change,” says executive coach Anja van Beek.

She advises:

Find that sweet spot where your talent, acknowledgement from others and the belief that what you do matters intersect;

Take a leap to follow your calling;

Be brave and face challenges ahead;

Doing what you have always done is safe, but if you want something different you will need to leave your comfort zone;

Be grateful to the people – mentors, colleagues and friends – who support you in your pursuit of a more meaningful career;

If something is worthwhile, it is likely to be difficult;

Ignore your age – plenty of people will tell you, you are too young or too old – just focus on what you want to achieve; and

Pursing your purpose may mean giving up a well-paid job, but many people find that doing something meaningful is worth the sacrifice.

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