Be Happier at Work…

You can make changes that will improve the quality of your work life and set you on track for a more fulfilled career.

“The specific in-office, self-care habits can vary, but there are some fundamental ones that successful people employ to improve their personal well-being and performance as leaders and managers. These are helpful tips regardless of your status,” says Peter Kriel, general manager at the Independent Institute of Education.

He advises:

Find ways that work for you to manage your time better – be they apps, prioritizing tasks, setting boundaries or delegating;

Keep learning no matter how old, skilled or experienced you are. Ask you manager about courses you can attend. Adopt a life-long learning approach;

Take breaks during your day to recharge and take long weekends to enjoy downtime;

You need to manage stress. Whatever you choose – deep breathing, meditation or hiking – make sure it works for you;

Set clear boundaries – between work and personal life, and at work with colleagues and managers to prevent burnout; and

Reflect on where you want to be in five or 10 years’ time, and set the goals you need to reach to get there.

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