How to set and reach career goals…

Getting where you would like to be takes planning, and the career of your dreams is easier to achieve if you set goals.

“Goal-setting focuses your mind and provides a road map. When we set objectives, we gain a sense of direction. It’s like plotting co-ordinates on a map before embarking on a journey. Without goals we’re akin to wanderers without a compass. Having targets helps us channel our efforts effectively,” says Linda Meyer, the MD of Rosebank College

She advises:

  • Setting goals means you create the life you want rather than one by default;
  • Make sure your goals are SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) to increase your chances of success. The SMART technique helps you to track your progress and stay on track;
  • Set goals that align with your values; it is easier to put in the work if it is meaningful;
  • Be prepared for obstacles and detours. You will need to take failure and disappointment in stride;
  • Gather a support network of mentors, colleagues and loved ones to help you when you feel like giving up; and
  • The destination is important but the journey can also be enjoyable; don’t miss this in your pursuit of your goals.

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