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Found by employers communicate directly with hiring managers and recruiters.

How to… Create a Growth Mind-Set at Work

Career Advice, Personal Growth

Written by Margaret Harris   A growth mind-set, which embraces the idea that we can learn new tricks no matter...

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How to… “Stay Awake” during online meetings


Written by Margaret Harris   If you find it hard to stay awake during Zoom or Teams meetings with colleagues,...

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How to set and reach career goals…

Career Advice, Personal Growth

Getting where you would like to be takes planning, and the career of your dreams is easier to achieve if...

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Be Happier at Work…

Personal Growth

You can make changes that will improve the quality of your work life and set you on track for a...

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Create a Meaningful Career

Career Advice

Image supplied by Elvire Studio | Article written by Margaret Harris The start of a new year is a good...

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Why am I finding it challenging to secure employment??

Career Advice, General

Are you finding it challenging to secure a job despite your best efforts and qualifications? You're not alone. Job hunting...

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How to Make a CV Interviewers Actually Want to Read: Part 2


No offense, but your résumé is probably a mess. It’s not that you aren’t skilled or accomplished, but most people’s...

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The Interviewee Who Hated Me

Personal Growth

6 years ago a guy looked at me face to face, and boldly told me; “I don't like you!” I...

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Glasshouse Recruiting – Demystifying the Art of Our Recruitment Processes


Image supplied by Canva / Fizkes Getty Images                Article written by Glasshouse Recruiting Recruitment is the heartbeat of...

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The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency for Staffing Needs


Image supplied by Canva / Fizkes Getty Images                Article written by Glasshouse Recruiting In today's competitive business landscape,...

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Unlocking Opportunities: The Power of Approaching a Recruiting Agency for Your Job Search

Human Resources

Image supplied by Canva / PeopleImages Getty Images                     Article written by Glasshouse Recruiting Are you on the hunt...

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Crafting the Perfect Cover Letter: Your Key to Landing the Dream Job


Image supplied by Canva / Nazdravie Getty Images                     Article written by Glasshouse Recruiting A cover letter is your opportunity...

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