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Quick Career Tips

Found by employers communicate directly with hiring managers and recruiters.

How to switch careers

Career Advice

Many people have considered changing careers during the pandemic as the nature of work changed and they reassessed their priorities...

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Make the Hybrid-model work

Career Advice, Personal Growth, Productivity

As life slowly returns to something similar to its pre-pandemic version, many companies will adopt a hybrid work model, which...

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How to make the most of existing employees


Many companies battle to find people to fill their vacancies due to skills gap, but this issue can be addressed...

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How to become a more empathetic leader

Career Advice, Productivity, Skills

The pandemic has changed so much, not all for the better, but some leaders’ greater understanding of employees is certainly...

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How to make healthy changes

Personal Growth, Productivity

Our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing affects how well we cope at work with the pressures of most jobs “A...

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How to use gossip to boost team Morale


We all know how destructive gossip can be in the office, but when done with a positive spin it can...

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How to find a better work-life Balance


“A 24-hour weekday should ideally be made up roughly eight hours each for working, sleeping and private time that would...

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How to work in a noisy Environment


As many of us return to the office almost two years at home, we will have to relearn how to...

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How to be an effective Mentor

Productivity, Skills

Mentorship programmes are a good way to develop talent and use the technical expertise available in the organisation; however, the...

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How to fire an Employee


Hollywood may have given us the impression that to fire someone you just need to shout ”you’re fired” – but...

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How to build resilience in the gig economy

Productivity, Skills

reelance work has always been uncertain, but the pandemic has made it even more so Psychologist and executive coach Alan...

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How to get your employees to relate to their office space


Those of us who are back at the office will agree the nature of the workspace affects our willingness to...

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