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Job Overview



  • Degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Certificated Millwright
  • Certified SAP user (Maintenance Module)
  • Knowledge of Regulatory Standards: Understanding of Safety Regulations: Familiarity with occupational health and safety standards and regulations relevant to maintenance activities



  • Maintenance Planning Experience – Several years of practical experience in maintenance planning, preferably in an industrial or manufacturing setting
  • Preventative Maintenance Expertise – Specific experience in developing and implementing preventative maintenance programs, including setting up schedules and integrating predictive maintenance technologies within the SAP environment
  • Root Cause Analysis – Ability to conduct thorough root cause analyses to identify and address the underlying causes of equipment failures
  • Fully proficient in using the SAP Maintenance Module



  • Technical Knowledge – Strong understanding of mechanical and electrical systems, equipment operation, and maintenance requirements
  • Data Analysis – Proficiency in analysing maintenance data, interpreting trends, and using data-driven insights to optimize preventative maintenance plans
  • Project Management – Skills in organizing, planning, and coordinating maintenance activities efficiently
  • FULLY proficient in using SAP as a tool to manage the plant maintenance requirements


Key Performance Indicators:

  • Adherence to Preventative Maintenance schedules
  • Artisan utilisation
  • Results of statutory inspection audits
  • Completeness of Preventative Maintenance plans
  • Internal customer satisfaction

Communication Skills:

  • Interpersonal Skills – Effective communication and collaboration with maintenance technicians, engineers, and other stakeholders such as operations
  • Documentation – Strong documentation skills for maintaining accurate records, creating work orders, and developing comprehensive maintenance plans
  • External communication – Ability to communicate with external stakeholders such as contractors and vendors


The main purpose of this position:


  • Ensuring optimal availability and performance of the plant and equipment
  • Ensure a high level of internal customer satisfaction through fast and effective service provisions
  • Assist and support the Maintenance Manager


Duties & Responsibilities:


Asset Assessment:

  • Conducting thorough assessments of all machinery and equipment to identify components prone to wear and potential failure
  • Prioritising critical assets and defining maintenance strategies based on their importance to production
  • Ensuring functional locations are updated and current


Developing Preventative Maintenance Schedules:

  • Creating detailed schedules for routine inspections, lubrication, adjustments, and replacements of components to prevent breakdowns for existing and new equipment
  • Create check sheets as required and incorporate into the PM system – To be aligned with the machine OEM / Manuals
  • Tailoring maintenance intervals based on equipment usage, manufacturer recommendations, and historical performance data
  • Generate Works Orders based on SAP schedules


Predictive Maintenance Integration:

  • Incorporating predictive maintenance technologies such as condition monitoring to anticipate and address issues before they become critical
  • Implementing predictive maintenance techniques to optimise maintenance intervals and resource allocation


Setting Maintenance Standards:

  • Establishing and communicating maintenance standards and best practices for each piece of equipment
  • Collaborating with equipment manufacturers to stay updated on recommended maintenance procedures
  • Create maintenance procedures / manuals as required to explain and detail tasks


Root Cause Analysis:

  • Conducting root cause analyses for past equipment failures to identify underlying issues and implementing measures to prevent recurrence
  • Using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to assess potential failure modes and prioritise preventative actions


Continuous Improvement of Plans:

  • Regularly reviewing and updating preventative maintenance plans based on feedback, performance data, and changing operational conditions
  • Implementing feedback loops with maintenance artisans to incorporate their insights into plan improvements


Spare parts inventory:

  • Maintain a spare parts inventory and strategy (what is to be held)
  • Ensure that the source of spare parts is defined and clear (who and lead times)


Training and Awareness:

  • Providing training to maintenance artisans on the importance of preventative maintenance and the specific procedures outlined in the plans
  • Creating awareness among operational teams about the impact of their actions on equipment reliability and the importance of adhering to maintenance schedules


Performance Metrics and KPIs:

  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of preventative maintenance plans
  • Analysing performance metrics to identify areas for improvement and adjusting plans accordingly


Budgeting and Cost Analysis:

  • Working closely with finance teams to allocate budgets specifically for preventative maintenance activities
  • Analysing cost-benefit ratios to demonstrate the value of preventative maintenance in terms of reduced downtime and increased equipment lifespan
  • Create estimations for labour and parts as required


Statutory Requirements:

  • Maintain records incl. corrective actions for all statutory requirements i.e. lifting equipment, pressure vessels etc.
  • Ensure that the statutory inspections are performed as per the required schedules
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