Winning ways at maintaining a positive outlook in the Workplace

Why put on a smile in the workplace?

We wanted to understand why employees choose to be positive with their c-workers to begin with, given that there are no formal rules dictating that they do so

Did it have something to do with their interpersonal relationships or with their work ambitions?

It was found that the underlying reason was different depending on how the individual chose to manage their emotions

Deep actors were more likely to say that they were being positive for pro-social reasons because they liked their co-workers and valued their relationships with them

Regulators, on the other hand, tended to control their emotions for impression management to avoid looking bad or to try to get ahead at work

It is perhaps unsurprising that deep actors’ colleagues were more willing to offer help and support

Based on the results, it is clear that being positive through genuine attempts to feel better offers more benefits compared to simply faking your emotions

The next time you feel a bad mood coming, take a step back and remember having high-quality connections with your co-workers can be valuable to you and create a better work environment

This article first appeared on Harvard Business Review

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