What is Smart Staff?

Get a snapshot view of how well your staff understands their work roles and responsibilities. Identify problem areas, who needs help, and where you need to focus more attention.

Smart Staff can be used in the following ways

  • As a training aid that maximises the return of your training interventions and provides a quick assessment of retention.
  • Targeted communication to your entire workforce, or to groups – specific information to specific people only.
  • A convenient way for HR and managers to connect with staff and to provide help and guidance.

Why we use WhatsApp

  • It’s the most ubiquitous messaging app in South Africa.
  • Works on any phone. Low data costs.
  • Everyone knows how to use it. Adoption of Smart Staff is quick.
  • Messages sent from Smart Staff have an open rate of over 90%  on 1st send.
  • Over 80% of users on Smart Staff take an action – measured by answering a questionnaire, following a link, or sending feedback.
  • System identification of staff who do not reply can drive response rates up to 100%

It’s more than just testing staff.

    Provide access to training material, test knowledge, reinforce behaviours, on-boarding new staff.
    Send out news, important bulletins, system updates, driver requests, e.g. OT, values, internal vacancies, etc
    Chatbot to answer FAQ’s and HR queries. Staff feel part of a family.
    Run exit interviews, 360 feedback, surveys and polls.


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