As life slowly returns to something similar to its pre-pandemic version, many companies will adopt a hybrid work model, which comes with its challenges

“While it is conceptually appealing, it is fraught with subtleties and risks. Data shows the longer people are away from another, the less they trust each other.”

“This is true for leaders and employees, and for colleagues. With work, distance does not make the heart grow fonder,” says Giant Leap director, Linda Trim.

She Advises:

That it is important for companies to spend time and effort rebuilding relationships with and among employees and helping people feel they belong and are valued

It is tempting to adopt a hot-desk model when moving to a hybrid style, but this can make people feel uncertain as not everyone enjoys being a nomad. It is usually better to assign workers their own dedicated space.

Despite the distractions people have at home, many enjoy the privacy that working from home provides.

There is grave importance of having private spaces in the office for workers, along with shared space for collaborative work.

This article was extracted from a local newspaper and written by Journalist Margaret Harris

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