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Job Overview


  • Relevant degree / diploma in Nursing Science (essential)
  • Management / business qualification (advantageous)
  • Must have a current registration with SANC
  • 5+ years’ nursing management experience
  • 5+ years’ nursing management experience with exposure to private healthcare
  • Availability and quality of skilled staff, particularly specialist skills
  • Access to financial resources and information
  • High staff turnover / retention issues


Technical Knowledge and Skill Requirements:


  • Team leadership and management skills
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills with high levels of interpersonal agility
  • Well-developed communication skills
  • Strong planning, organisational and follow-through skills
  • Resourceful problem solver
  • Strong analytical and connective thinker
  • Must be able to manage stress and pressure and build team morale and resilience



  • Holistic view of healthcare management and how a hospital is run
  • Broad knowledge of all nursing specialisations
  • Sound knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements
  • Sound business and financial acumen
  • Project management knowledge encompassing knowledge of hospital buildings, structure and equipment
  • Broad knowledge of medical schemes and rules (including patient services)
  • Basic marketing and business development skills



  • Sound understanding of client’s vision, values, mission and culture
  • Expressed and implied ethical responsibilities
  • Sound understanding of the group structure and business flows


Foundational Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of the client’s culture and values
  • Relevant processes, procedures, policies, systems and workflow requirements
  • Understanding of the hospital’s revenue, cost, capital and balance sheet drivers
  • Monthly Head Office reporting requirements
  • Strong internal and external network including key stakeholders and areas of deep expertise across the group
  • Relevant risk and compliance knowledge (commercial risk and patient and clinical risk)


Changing Knowledge Requirements:

  • Business strategy and priorities
  • Doctor expectations and satisfaction levels
  • Patient profiles and expectations
  • Industry norms and best practice in all areas relevant to the role
  • Changes in the medical scheme environment / funder landscape
  • Changes to procurement policies
  • Evolution in client’s structure, strategy, vision and business model
  • Internal changes / movements / restructures
  • Evolving technology and system changes
  • Reporting requirements
  • Regulatory changes


Compliance Requirements:

  • Internal standards, policies and procedures
  • Legislative requirements
  • Regulatory requirements (e.g. OHS Act and SANC and DOH regulations)




Solve Problems:

  • Plays a leadership role in facilitating constructive problem-solving discussions
  • Shows skill in finding solutions, including alternatives
  • Puts preventative measures in place to ensure problems do not recur
  • Identifies impact of solutions (1-2 years or longer) and uses influences to argue why and how problems need to be addressed


Analyses and Evaluates:

  • Cuts to the core of issues; does not get lost in unnecessary detail
  • Drives consistency in applying the correct analytical methods and processes
  • Optimises analytical systems and processes
  • Anticipates obstacles and thinks ahead about next steps


Delivers Excellence:

  • Creates systems and processes to ensure consistent standards of excellence
  • Shows skill in establishing clarity of purpose within the unit/function
  • Inspires team(s) to produce consistent quality work
  • Sets standards of excellence and continually strives to improve on these


Delivers Resilience:

  • Leads by setting an example of being positive and solution-focused
  • Displays skill in re-focusing and re-energising others in the face of difficulty
  • Deals well with difficult feedback or mistakes in his or her area
  • Takes prompt action to identify and address energy stealers and barriers to performance


Influences with Impact:

  • Expresses complex information in accessible terms
  • Uses rapport-building skills to engage an audience
  • Knows what they want from the audience and is able to facilitate a desired outcome
  • Presents information in ways that facilitate audience understanding and buy


Builds Relationships:

  • Shows skill in being able to connect with a wide variety of people at all levels
  • Builds internal, cross-functional and external relationships characterised by mutual trust and rapport
  • Anticipates stakeholders’ needs and develops processes and/or systems to fulfil these
  • Tracks unit / function’s delivery against expectations and puts corrective measures in place to remedy gaps


Displays Interpersonal Agility:

  • Adapts his or her functioning to the needs of different people and situations
  • Anticipates and manages expectations
  • Displays skill in managing conflict
  • Solves problems in a spirit of dialogue and collaboration


Manage Risk:

  • Ensures staff have a thorough grasp of all risks affecting the function
  • Builds staff capability to identify and mitigate risk
  • Works cross-functionally to identify and manage risk
  • Displays proactivity in anticipating, flagging and managing new and recurring risks


Plans and Organises:

  • Translates business objectives into plans for the function acknowledging the capability and limits of available resources
  • Shows skill in adjusting plans in relation to new issues and requirements
  • Delegates / co-ordinates work effectively, ensuring staff and/or stakeholders know what is required of them
  • Understands how their planning affects planning within other departments


Monitors and Measures:

  • Makes abstract objectives tangible and measurable
  • Establishes and implements workable monitoring systems to ensure consistency
  • Identifies and addresses underlying control weaknesses
  • Identifies and implements efficiencies


Coaches and Mentors:

  • Inspires a team culture that is open to learning and feedback
  • Recognises and builds individual strengths and potential
  • Guides and equips people to take responsibility and solve problems independently
  • Supports staff to achieve stretch goals


Displays Inspirational Leadership:

  • Inspires people to understand and believe in the vision for the department
  • Continually communicates and reinforces the vision, e.g. through clever use of visuals and other aids
  • Translates vision into practical plans
  • Provides direct reports with accountability, resources, information and development to achieve the vision


The main purpose of this position:

To lead, manage and co-ordinate all nursing functions for a hospital to meet hospital and group objectives


Duties & Responsibilities:

Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Actively build and nurture professional working relationships with all stakeholders, displaying excellent abilities to listen, advise, consult, influence, negotiate and present at all levels
  • Contribute to the monthly hospital MANCO and Group Operations meetings
  • Work closely with doctors to build their confidence and trust
  • Work closely with patients to manage issues relating to optimal patient care and experience
  • Build relationships with the broader community that the hospital serves, e.g. through participation in Health Awareness days, CSI and outreach activities
  • Build good relationships with unions
  • Build relationships with peers at other client hospitals to identify and share best practice
  • Participate in relevant internal and external forums / committees as required


Financial Management:

  • Work with hospital MANCO, Group Finance and Group Nursing Services Manager to set an operational and capital budget aligned to strategic objectives
  • Drive achievement of monthly financial targets (e.g. nursing costs as % of TO excluding pharmacy revenue, plus absenteeism targets)
  • Take responsibility for stock management
  • Work closely with Hospital Manager, Financial Manager and Group Nursing Services Manager to analyse and understand monthly financial performance and to report on and address variances
  • Act as custodian for compliance with the internal control environment
  • Identify and follow-through on opportunities to drive cost efficiencies without compromising quality of hospital service delivery, e.g. Acuity Skills Mix Template
  • Provide input into and oversee the implementation of efficiency-related group initiatives and monitor achievement thereof


Clinical Quality and SHE Management:

  • Continually monitor clinical and quality outcomes to be able to identify, manage and mitigate clinical and quality risks in line with scorecard targets
  • Manage negative clinical incidents to reduce litigation and patient dissatisfaction
  • Drive alignment to the Clinical Governance Framework and structures
  • Drive compliance to the OHS Act
  • Drive quality improvement programmes within the hospital to improve clinical and quality outcomes


Project Management:

  • Participate in / lead hospital and group projects as required


Governance and Risk Management:

  • Provide guidance to MANCO on the various risks associated with nursing (e.g. reputational risk, financial risk, operational risk, clinical risk, political risk, regulatory risk, environmental risks, etc.)
  • Use influence with doctors and hospital MANCO to assist in managing cost efficiencies as patient advocates
  • Implement risk management, governance and compliance policies and activities, including internal and external audits
  • Drive ongoing compliance to SANC and DOH regulations
  • Facilitate ongoing debate on current and anticipated risks
  • Monitor key risks and regularly review risk assessments
  • Provide guidance on risk mitigation


Team Leadership, Management and Mentoring:

  • Set the pace and tone for Nursing Services at the hospital and ensure everyone is focused on the right priorities
  • Lead by example in driving client’s values and vision
  • Work closely with HR to ensure optimal employee engagement and a harmonious work environment
  • Take full responsibility for performance management of all direct reports, focusing on all aspects of sound people management: recruitment, training and development, performance management, remuneration and rewards, career path and succession planning, transformation and on-the-job coaching and mentoring
  • Establish and address competency gaps
  • Motivate, delegate and empower appropriately, enabling direct reports to take responsibility and display initiative within agreed mandates
  • Monitoring and manage staff performance against agreed objectives and work with them to grow their skills and confidence where needed


Effective Teamwork, Self-Management and Alignment with Group Values:

  • Act at all times in ways that are consistent with client’s brand and values
  • Engage in appropriate training interventions to promote own professional development
  • Handle stress in ways that do not negatively impact others
  • Act in an ethical, transparent and morally defensible manner, including highlighting unethical practices
  • Continually share, debate and communicate learnings
  • Flag and debate issues constructively
  • Work collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals
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