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Healthcare Manager (Medical Group) – Southern Suburbs, Western Cape 161 views

Job Overview


  • NQF Level 7 and higher would be highly advantageous
  • Proven administration experience
  • Proven management experience in the hospital sector or nursing home
  • Experience in a similar leadership position
  • Experience in a geriatrics environment advantageous
  • Previous hospital management experience
  • Knowledge of Dementia care, Frail care, palliative care, rehab, strokes advantageous
  • Clinical qualification highly advantageous


Skills and Attributes:

  • Strong leadership Skills to provide direction, inspire confidence, and motivate staff to achieve common goals – Strong leadership skills are essential for fostering a positive work environment and driving organisational success
  • Team Building Skills – Being able to build and nurture effective teams by providing mentorship and professional development opportunities, and fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability
  • Ethical Integrity by adhering to high ethical standards and acting with integrity
  • Adaptability: The healthcare industry is constantly evolving – Be adaptable and open to change, willing to embrace innovation and continuously improve processes to meet evolving needs
  • Crisis Management Abilities – The ability to remain calm under pressure and effectively coordinate response efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff
  • Excellent Communication Skills – As communication is critical
  • Problem-solving abilities – Being able to navigate through complex challenges that require innovative solutions
  • Strategic Thinking – Be able to develop and implement long-term strategic plans that align with the organisation’s mission and goals
  • Strong interpersonal skills – Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders


Specific Requirements:


  • Clear health record
  • Clear criminal record
  • Clear credit record
  • Contactable references


The main purpose of this position:


The Healthcare Manager will be responsible for the daily operations of the facility, ensuring all administrative and customer service requirements are delivered efficiently and effectively.


The Healthcare Manager will implement and oversee all operational processes and liaise with the Multidisciplinary Team, medical professionals and families of residents. The Healthcare Manager also plays a pivotal role in the marketing of the facility to ensure full occupancy at all times


If you would like to work in a collaborative healthcare setting with a supportive team dynamic, this is the job for you


Duties & Responsibilities:


Operational Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the efficient administration of operations at the facility
  • Ensure the proper implementation and management of admissions, transfers, extensions, and discharge procedures
  • Implement and manage systems to increase income
  • Be present at all inspections, including those by the Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Social Development (DSD)
  • Supervise the implementation of infection control procedures during outbreaks or suspected infections
  • Administer incident and investigation reporting
  • Ensure the proper logging and follow-up of maintenance issues
  • Make suggestions for procedural improvements and ensure adherence to the correct approval process
  • Ensure necessary training of policies and procedures, ensuring staff competency
  • Manage and report on deviations from established procedures


 Resident and Family Interaction:

  • Monitor and manage customer service levels continually
  • Ensure quality and efficient delivery of services at the facility
  • Communicate types and levels of services offered to interested persons
  • Interface regularly with families and provide support, assistance, or decision-making input when required
  • Resolve complaints and provide effective education, advice, and counselling to residents


Health Professional and Company Relationship Management:

  • Build and manage relationships between health professionals and the company
  • Ensure the implementation of processes conducive to customer satisfaction
  • Identify improvement areas and implement initiatives for continued customer service


Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Monitor and maintain bed occupancy to achieve maximum capacity at all times
  • Collaborate with healthcare staff to ensure timely admissions and discharges, minimising downtime between patient turnovers
  • Liaise with stakeholders to promote the facility
  • Maintain excellent knowledge of the company and the facility’s services
  • Discuss goals and objectives with the Multidisciplinary Team and Senior Management
  • Undertake competitor analysis to ensure the facility offerings are competitive and market related


Administration Responsibilities:

  • Prepare reports and submissions aligned with responsibilities
  • Monitor and approve requisitions through the Healthcare Administrator to the Southern Suburbs office
  • Communicate and report to the support team and Southern Suburbs Heads of Departments on relevant matters
  • Host Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings, ensuring efficiency and constructive discussions
  • Allocate action points to relevant role players during MDT meetings
  • This job has expired!

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