Interview Guidelines

The DO’s:

Be on time
Nothing creates a worst first impression than being late. Make sure you know where the venue is and how long it will take you to get there.

Research the company
Find out all you can about your prospective employers business. Visit their website, watch for them in the news and speak to people who understand their industry so that when you are being interviewed you can ask intelligent questions and understand what they are talking about.

Create a good first impression
Dress appropriately to fit into the dress code of the company, maintain eye contact, and give your interviewers a firm handshake.

Focus on the key requirements of the position
When asked questions about your ability to perform a duty, only offer those skills and strengths of yours that are relevant to the task. By offering irrelevant information, you’ll only give the impression that you didn’t understand the questions. Please also prepare a couple of scenarios relevant to the job.

Blow your trumpet
If you don’t blow your own trumpet, who will? Always make as much as possible of your achievements but, again, only insofar as they relate to the position you are applying for. You should remember that you are competing for this position and any edge you can offer will give you a higher chance of getting the job.

Minimize your weakness
Before the interview, think about the kinds of duties you will be performing. If you feel that you are not too strong on some of these, think of how you can put a positive spin on these weaknesses like “you are considering going for training”

Be confident
Important to show confidence, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, then there is no reason for anybody else to.

The DON’T’s:

Don’t talk too much or too little
Remember that the interview is also an opportunity for you to see whether you can fit into the company’s culture and value system. By asking questions about the position and the company you will give the impression that you are serious about working for the company. Don’t dominate the interview, be guided by the interviewer.

Don’t discuss your rights under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Your first interview should be about discussing the general duties you will be performing and whether or not you will fit into the organization’s environment. By putting the focus on your lunch hours, working hours and leave you’ll give the impression that you want to do the bare minimum and will add no value to the job.

Don’t slate your previous employers
Your interviewer will only think that you have a problem with authority and don’t work well with others.

Don’t lie
Don’t lie about your skills, qualifications, past positions and achievements. These things come back to haunt you. Remember that you are hired to perform certain duties based on your ability, and if you cannot do them it will only be a frustration to you and your new employers.

Don’t take anything into the interview
It is very frustrating for the interviewer to be disturbed by a ringing cell phone, jingling of your car keys, shuffling of your papers, clicking of your pen. The interviewer will have everything they need when they meet with you, so just go in with your hands free.

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