How to work in a noisy Environment

As many of us return to the office almost two years at home, we will have to relearn how to cope in a distracting space

“Our remote work settings weren’t always havens of peace but many of us adjusted. Now, sitting near our co-workers again feels odd: there’s so much movement, collaboration and talk, says Giant Leap director Lina Trim

She advises:

You may need to develop signal that shows you may not be obviously busy, but do not want to be disturbed – if you have an office with a door, you can shut it, but those in open-plan office offices will need to show they are busy – headphones are one way

These plans only work if you stick to them yourself, so be strict about not getting distracted when you are in “do not disturb” mode

Some companies are setting up quiet workspaces – “Many are putting focus in rooms to allow people to work uninterrupted or to take zoom calls in the office”

If you have a hybrid schedule, you could do the work that requires concentration when you are at home

You need to find time to bond with colleagues – make plans to have coffee to re-establish relationships

This article was extracted from a local newspaper

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