How to…. Use Stay Interviews to Improve Staff Retention

Image supplied by Canva                                                                              Article written by Margret Harris

Losing skilled employees can be damaging for companies, which face a period of uncertainty while they fill the vacancies. It makes more sense to try to hold on to the workers you have

“With employees able to access new prospects as global opportunities increase, companies need to take measures to keep employees,” says Lyndy van den Barselaar, th3e MD at ManPowerGroup SA

Find out what workers want now, bearing in mind that everyone’s lives have changed since the pandemic

Most workers want more choice, flexibility and autonomy as well as security and opportunity

Exit interviews have become more common – where employers ask workers why they are leaving. Stay interviews can give employers insight into why people don’t want to leave

Stay interviews should take place between manager and employee to gather information that can help the company retain employees while strengthening relationships

Do not go through the motions of stay interviews and then fail to address the issues uncovered

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