How to use retirees to address the skills Shortage

SA faces two apparently contradictory crises—high unemployment rate and a dire skills shortage. While solving the former is complex, the latter can be tackled by hiring retirees

“Retired professionals possess the skills and experience to temporarily step into vacancies that would otherwise be difficult to fill and can ensure the transfer of skills to their younger counterparts,” says Wayne Alcock, MD at Quyn International Outsourcing

He Advises:

  • Commit to hiring one retired professional for every three younger, unskilled candidates and putting in place systems to ensure the transfer of experience
  • Everyone benefits when retired skills are brought back into the workplace as they address the skills shortage and brain drain
  • Putting skilled individuals in positions of authority can help allay investors’ fears and encourage them to buy in to projects
  • Using skilled retirees allows companies to start projects immediately, rather than having to wait for skills to be taught
  • Skills most in need from retirees include engineering, site and projects management, quantity assessment, construction and mining

–Margaret Harris

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