How to use gossip to boost team Morale

We all know how destructive gossip can be in the office, but when done with a positive spin it can help to cement workplace relationships

“The truth is, gossip is one of the things we most miss about the workplace due to working from home. It plays an important part of office life,” says Giant Leap director Linda Trim

She advises:

We usually consider gossip to be a negative thing, but there is positive gossip, such as when information that could benefit someone if shared – for example celebrating a team member’s achievements

As long as it stays positive and does not tear people down, gossip can also help to develop interpersonal relationships. It is one of the main things people say they missed during lockdown

Office gossip can increase team cohesiveness. When you get used to hearing your colleagues talking positively about you, your sense of trust in the team increases

If your particular team fosters a positive gossip culture, the rest of the company will associate it with hard work and dedication

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and written by Journalist, Margaret Harris

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