How to switch careers

Many people have considered changing careers during the pandemic as the nature of work changed and they reassessed their priorities

However, for whatever the reason for making the change, a measured approach is best

“Making a career shift can be a positive move, with the potential to increase your income and ensure a better lifestyle in the long term. Such a move is best approached calmly and logically, though. An impulsive decision to email a resignation letter to your difficult boss could jeopardise your future prospects and finances,” says JustMoney marketing manager Shafeeka Anthony

She Advises:

Make sure it is a career change you need and not just a break because you are exhausted

Get some professional help from a career adviser

Test the waters with a side hustle

Beginning a new career generally means starting from the bottom so make sure you can afford to take a pay cut

You may need to delay the big change so you can save money for any additional training as well as pay the bills

It is tempting to cash in your retirement fund when you move jobs, but the short-term gain is likely to be expensive in the long term

This article was extracted from a local newspaper and was written by journalist, Margaret Harris

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