How To Stop Overthinking In Its Tracks

It could be a presentation you have to give to your team or a speech at a conference, but not long after you have celebrated being chosen to shine, you are crippled by doubt and unable to stop thinking about how badly it will go

“It is healthy to be a little nervous. You are honing your talents – but by doubting your ability you are jeopardising your career, relationships, and self-worth.” Says Master Life Coach Lizette Volkwyn

She advises:

Change the way you see failure – it is not your nemesis, it is just feedback

“It is an opportunity to adjust your actions to improve and grow. Eliminating the fear of failure brings you one step closer to giving it your all without questioning your worth.”

Uncertainty fuels overthinking, but information brings more certainty

“Obtain as much information as possible, trust the information and then work on the facts.”

Look at your past achievements and recognise what you can do – if you’ve done something similar, you can do it again

This article was written by Margaret Harris and was extracted from the local newspaper

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