How to… Stay Relevant at Work

After an increase in retrenchments during the pandemic, many people worry they may also lose their jobs. But there are ways to make sure you are viewed as an essential service.

            “Since the pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in job losses. I have had conversations with newly unemployed candidates who are distressed and the phrase ‘I didn’t see it coming,” says Cindy Norcott, Business coach, motivational speaker, author and CEO of recruitment agency ProTalent.

            “As much as employees can be unreliable and unpredictable, they can do work machines can’t, such as care, create, collaborate and empathize. In Companies that need these skills, there will always be jobs for humans.” She advises:

  • Keep your skills up to date. This is even more the case in industries transforming due to technologies advances.
  • Guard Against becoming invisible
  • Attend meetings you are asked to attend, go in to the office if you are asked to and respond to e-mails requests from colleagues and managers
  • If you have capacity, take on a few more tasks that will help to lighten your teams load – Margaret Harris

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