How to Set Up a Formal Assessment System


As SME’s grow and appoint more staff members, they need to construct a more formal Human Resources system which includes performance management

“Without regular performance evaluations, you may not notice that employee is battling, or you may fail to recognise excellent performance,” said Sage Africa & Middle East people director Marvin Opperman

He suggested that:

A formal document that employees fill in before the assessment can provide structure for the review process and ensure nothing is left out during the meeting

Some companies may find that regular casual meetings are a good way to keep in touch and ensure that any issues are addressed

Enforcing a rating scale can also help to make the system both objective and fair

Some manager and employees like to work with targets that can be set in one meeting and reviewed later in the year for example, attending training and applying the new knowledge at work

Enforcing a 360 management system can ensure managers, colleagues and junior employees all have a chance to assess all employees, providing a fuller picture pf how people are doing at work – Margaret Harris

This article was extracted from the local newspaper.

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