Remote working is likely to remain part of our lives even when we return to some version of normality, and this means companies need to maximise the benefits and minimise the disadvantages

“For many people, social isolation, the lack of corporate structure and disruption of their support arrangements (such as schools closing for lockdowns) are beginning to bite,” says Jeff Ryan, MD of AWCape

He advises:

Managers need to lead by example by showing that they prioritise their own mental health and work-life balance

Keep an eye on whether team members is taking no leave at all or being absent too often – neither of these is healthy

Make sure the flexibility you are offering employees is properly flexible – recognising the new pressures that working parents face, the financial stresses of the pandemic, and the continued health crisis, empathetic managers will know when to cut a team member some slack

Find workable ways to get regular feedback from your employees

Make sure all managers are trained to handle their own and their team members’ mental health

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and was written by Margaret Harris

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