How to make the most of existing employees

Many companies battle to find people to fill their vacancies due to skills gap, but this issue can be addressed through training existing employees

“While finding new staff to fill the skills gap is a key concern for many Organisations, companies should look to retaining their existing skilled staff as a first step,” says ManpowerGroup SA MD Lyndy van den Barselaar

“Companies can overcome employee attrition by providing a line of sight to a career that allows employees to learn, grow and have positive impact. Companies that provide upskilling and training drive productivity and retention of their talent and attract the best talent in the market.”

She advises:

People can be redeployed to different units or be allowed to grow more in their current roles

Give employees the chance to take ownership of their careers so they feel more invested in their roles

Mentor programmes that connect more senior members of staff with junior emplo6yees can encourage people to make and achieve career goals

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and compiled by journalist, Margaret Harris

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