How to make healthy changes

Our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing affects how well we cope at work with the pressures of most jobs

“A healthy lifestyle is not as simple as eating healthily and exercising but incorporates our mental, social and spiritual wellbeing too,” says Kate Powell, Alexander Forbes Health Management Solutions senior consultant

“Many of us tend to focus our energy on making one aspect of our lives healthy. However, we then end up neglecting the rest of our lives, leading to an unbalanced life. It is about balance and working smart to make sustainable changes in our lives.”

She Advises:

When you decide to make changes, keep your goals simple and reachable

Get help wherever you can, whether it is a trainer or dietician, or even friends who have developed healthy habits

Whatever you may want to do, there will be an app to make it easier

Use the stairs rather than the lift

Add variety to your diet and exercise to stop yourself from getting bored

Lasting change takes time – it will not happen overnight, but little by little you will begin to see and feel real change in your life

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and was written by Journalist Margaret Harris

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