How to… Keep Top Performers Happy

Companies invest a lot in high-performing employees, so it makes sense to ensure they are not lured away by other employers.

            “Business is about people. Put your people first by understanding their needs, by giving them what they need to thrive, and by creating a Company and culture they feel proud of and inspire to work for. But also ensure there’s scope for them to grow within the business,” says Kerry Morris, CEO of recruitment agency The Tower Group. She advises:

  • Know what people want in terms of flexibility, training and support so you can compete with other employers. Perks usually outweigh salaries in attracting and retaining people.
  • Rather than waiting for people to resign have an exit interview, arrange regular ‘stay interviews’ where you can discuss what keeps them at the Company.
  • Workers are more engaged when Company culture makes them feel seen, heard and valued, and engaged workers are less likely to look elsewhere.
  • Invest time and money in developing the next generation of leaders so younger workers can see they have a future at the company – Margaret Harris

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