Working from home can mean employees are always available to work – If this is not addressed, it can lead to employee burnout

“The lines between home and work have been blurred, and it has proved increasingly difficult to maintain work-life balance,” says Sandra Orta, general manager for SA and head of the management center for Sub-Saharan Africa at Roche Diagnostics

She advises:

Companies may have supplied workers with laptops or data to help them work from home, but this does not mean that managers can contact their team members at any time of the day and night

About 18 months of remote working has left most of us Zoomed out, so don’t have a conference call when an e-mail or a WhatsApp will do the job just as well

Set out a time each week that is meeting-free – it could be Friday afternoon as everyone wraps up their work for the week

Be tolerant of the sounds of online school, barking dogs, or a terrible-twos meltdown in the background

Make sure employees know they can ask for help if they feel they are not coping with the demands of work, home, and care responsibilities

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and written by Margaret Harris

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