How to Handle the Move Back to the Office

After almost 18 months of remote working, getting back to the office will not be a seamless process

“There are no precedents to follow in the aftermath of a global pandemic [but there are some] ‘must do’ actions that corporations, large and small, should consider when attracting new employees and welcoming back old staff,” says Linda Trim, director at workplace design company Giant Leap

She advises:

Assess who really needs to come into the office, and when – a hybrid system that combines office and home work may work best;

Get the office ready for those who are coming back to minimise the upheaval

A primed, well-prepared workplace evokes the feeling of homecoming rather than yet another upheaval in the normal routine life;

With fewer people coming in, the ‘must-haves’, such as full-service canteens, dedicated work stations and parking garages, may not be as vital, and;

The focus on well-being must be maintained – wellbeing is of paramount interest today and the benefits of any post-pandemic workplace strategy must apply equally to all employees This article was extracted from the local newspaper and written by Margaret Harris

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