How To Get Your First Job After University

Finding a job in South Africa with a high unemployment rate, even among graduates, can be daunting for those about to being their first search for work

Recent graduates must keep an open mind and stay alert for potential opportunities

Don’t get stuck on the idea that there is just one job for you and that if you don’t find the exact role you intended stepping into after graduation, you need to keep looking until you do

  • First, you should get your work-seeking ducks in a row – Make sure all your paperwork is in order, such as copies of ID, Academic Transcripts, your degrees etc.
  • Make sure your CV is professional, up to date, free of spelling errors and to the point
  • Commit to spending a few hours every day on your search and not just when the mood takes you
  • Ask for help – don’t try to do everything on your own, ask your family and friends to help where they can
  • Get involved in networking and groups related to your industry to stay in touch with developments

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