How to get your employees to relate to their office space

Those of us who are back at the office will agree the nature of the workspace affects our willingness to be there

“Our workspaces reflect our work cultures. Office spaces purpose-designed for individual tasks, conferencing, eating and socialising reflect the values of the Organisations and shape the behaviour and interaction of the occupants,” says Space Sense Workplace strategy and change consultant Georgie Chennells

He advises:

Where you sit in the office, and who you sit next to can make a big difference to your experience at work

“For Organisations that rely on collaboration and innovation to be competitive, giving employee’s visibility and access to one another is key to enabling this,” he says

As much as people need to see and have contact with their colleagues, there is also a need for privacy

The design and layout of the office set the tone and can work with or against the company’s culture

“I believe the office of the future is about flexibility and choice and tied to the organisational culture of the future,” says Chennells

This article was extracted from a local newspaper and written by Margaret Harris.

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