How to fire an Employee

Hollywood may have given us the impression that to fire someone you just need to shout ”you’re fired” – but it is a much longer process, and employers must ensure they meet all the requirements of the Labour Relations Act

“Dismissing and employee is never easy. It comes with careful consideration and the decision must be made with the correct research and observation. The dismissal of an employee does not occur immediately,” says Devan Moonsamy, the CEO of the ICHAF Training Institute

He advises:

Managers must assess if the person could improve before being fired

Keep a record of all you have done to try to improve the conduct of the employee and communicate with the HR department about how you are handling the situation

If you get to the point where dismissal is inevitable, do everything by the book

A dismissal should never be public; you should do it behind closed doors

The employee may deserve to be fired but they also have a right to their dignity

When firing someone becomes inevitable, make sure you have a witness, all the documentation, and are prepared to answer questions

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and written by Journalist, Margaret Harris

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