How to find a better work-life Balance

“A 24-hour weekday should ideally be made up roughly eight hours each for working, sleeping and private time that would include family responsibilities and leisure. The ideal work-life balance is not always possible, and we need to be flexible with a few hours of overtime for urgent work priorities. This should be the exception, however, not the rule,” says Lauren Leyman, an occupational health therapist at Netcare Akeso Randburg

She advises:

Remote work and technology make it possible to be available all day every day, which is not healthy

If you cannot find the time in your day for even a short break, you are working beyond your capacity to concentrate enough to be productive

Be clear – with yourself and your manager – when work ends and when your home life begins, and stick to it

When work constantly bleeds into home time, you will not get the rest you need to tackle a new workday

Try to take time for yourself between finishing work and your domestic and parental responsibilities

Do the things you love, so your life is not an endless roundabout of work and home tasks

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and written by Journalist, Margaret Harris

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