How to encourage the youth to do Maths & Science

Maths and science cultivate skills that are critical, which is why we need to encourage young people to take these subjects at school and beyond

“Maths and science lay the foundation in applying knowledge when encountering complex principles at schools and tertiary level, as well as in scenarios beyond the classroom. Had it not been for the effort of scientists, there would not have been vaccines to fight Covid-19,” says Professor Azwinndini Muronga, executive dean of science at Nelson Mandela University

He advises:

Maths and science are enabling subjects as they are getaways to higher education – “Without them, learners will be limited in their career choices,” he says

These subjects lay the foundation when dealing with complex principles at school and tertiary level, and in everyday life

We need to work on removing the negative perception they are difficult and not worth the effort

Teachers must motivate and excite learners about maths and science, and nurture curiosity to learn more

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and was written by Margaret Harris

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