None of us is completely honest, though mostly it’s white lies such as saying we don’t mind helping a colleague with a task when we really do – some people’s lies are more destructive

“It is something different when we are blatantly lied to, to benefit the liar. You have the controls in your hand. Choose not to tolerate the liar and stand up against the liars at work. You and your career deserve it,” says life coach Lizette Volkwyn

She advises:

When someone’s lies affect you, you need to speak up rather than letting them get away with it

Keep the focus on the facts

Sometimes we have to be burned a few times before we realise what is going on, but when you begin to get a bad feeling about someone, start taking notes, so you have a paper trail of what has happened

When people lie it reflects on them rather than you – you cannot make someone be dishonest – you do not have any control over how people react, nor can you take responsibility for who they are – seasoned liars are good at blaming others, so keep focused on what is happening and don’t get distracted from what needs to be done

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and was written by Margaret Harris

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