How to create a better place to work

The past year has changed the world of work and has led many people to question some of the choices they had taken for granted, including whether their job gives them a sense of purpose and meaning

“The move to remote work, the proliferation of technological tools to bring people together when we needed to stay apart, and the rise of customers with social conscience brought another key trend into focus: the value of purpose,” says Nadia Mohamed, senior marketing director at Mondelez International for Sub-Saharan Africa

“This applies both for individuals and brands, and this proof of purpose has become the defining feature of businesses that people choose – to work for, buy from and support,” says Mohamed

She advises:

  1. Make inclusivity and diversity part of your organisation’s DNA
  1. Find meaningful ways to deepen human connection at work: “We have explored how best we can support people’s wellbeing during the pandemic, over and above keeping normal support mechanisms such as flexibility and maternity leave policies in place
  1. Include doing good as an integral part of the business

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and written by Margaret Harris

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