How to Cope with Retrenchment

How to Cope with Retrenchment

There is no denying that retrenchment is financially and emotionally devastating making it difficult to get back on track – the current unemployment rate in South Africa is sitting on 35.2%

You do not have to navigate this difficult time on your own – turn to your friends and family for guidance and support, talk to them and make them aware of your current work situation

Ensure that your previous employer has treated you fairly and that you have received your benefits that are legally and rightfully owed to you

Revaluate your budget and ensure that the retrenchment package you have received will cover all your expenses and last as long as possible

Retrenchment can give you that opportunity to revaluate your career path – pursue other career opportunities that might interest you

Use the free time you have to amend and update your CV and cover letter – make sure your CV stands out and that you tailor each CV with a cover letter that highlights your skills for each specific position you apply for in the future

This article was extracted from a local newspaper

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