How to build resilience in the gig economy

reelance work has always been uncertain, but the pandemic has made it even more so

Psychologist and executive coach Alan Ahlfeldt, who was part of a South African Freelancers’ Association workshop, says: “The vulnerability of freelancers is huge, which leads to people putting undue pressure on themselves.”

He advises:

Freelancers have autonomy but little certainty, which means adaptability, is crucial

“If you can keep the momentum going so you and your business is still moving, even if slowly, then you are probably more resilient than you realise.”

People react to crisis in three ways: fight, flight or withdraw. The pandemic has led many people to withdraw, which can lead to loneliness or isolation

“Ask for help. Identify what helps you succeed.”

Despite much being written about it, the work-life balance is a myth. There will always be tension between the two

“Pay attention between these different tensions.”

Know what you can control and decide if you can work within the parameters you have been given

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and was written by Margaret Harris

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