How to benefit from lifelong learning

Companies that employ lifelong learners have the edge in a constantly changing environment

“Lifelong learners will be the most important assets of tomorrow’s most successful businesses, helping them to grow and innovate at a time of rapid and constant change… BUT there is a shared responsibility between employers and employees while you can create an enabling environment and deliver the tools to learn, people also need to be encouraged to embrace learning as a way of life,” says Salomi Kruger, MD at Applico Training and Services

She advises:

When recruiting, look for evidence of lifelong learners on CVs, and in interviews ask candidates about their attitudes to learning

Give employees the freedom to decide what they want to study as this leads to greater commitment

Show that the Organisation supports development by giving them time off to attend courses and study for exams

Encourage peer coaching

Choose a tailor-made training package as focused training prepares employees for their particular roles and helps them to stay up to date with wider industry changes

This article was extracted from a local newspaper and written by Margaret Harris

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