How to become a more empathetic leader

The pandemic has changed so much, not all for the better, but some leaders’ greater understanding of employees is certainly a change for the good

“Many will agree that the pandemic and lockdowns sparked an empathy epiphany in companies around the world, a marked contrast to the work culture we saw a few years prior,” says Firdous Osman, deputy MD at Saatchi & Saatchi

“Leaders quickly saw the importance of being more respectful to their people, and even more crucial, anticipating and responding to their needs.”

She Advises:

Employer-employee relationships have been pushed to the limit, with many question everything they do and who they are at work – this can be harnessed to ensure these relationships improve

Empathetic leaders consists of progressive actions that contribute to making workers feel understood

Empathy is now considered to be a crucial skill that has helped to change systematic cultural norms and opened up a whole new and better world for staff and leaders alike

This style of leadership ensures that people feel heard and brings out the best in them

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and was written by Journalist Margaret Harris

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