How to be an effective Mentor

Mentorship programmes are a good way to develop talent and use the technical expertise available in the organisation; however, the programmes are only as good as the mentors

“Mentoring is the opportunity for leaders to provide support and insights to help less-experienced individuals to grow and develop in their careers. The beauty of a mentorship relationships is when reverse-mentoring happens and the younger mentees educate their mentor on topics like social media or technology,” says executive coach Anja van Beek

She advises:

Ensure you have time to be a mentor – you need to be available for at least one meeting a month

Mentors must be able to listen with an open mind and know when, and even if, to provide guidance

Mentors must be willing to share their experience, insight and skills with people from diverse backgrounds who may not share their values and goals

Be honest about your own successes and failures

Good mentors believe in their own continuous learning and development

This article was extracted from a local newspaper

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