How To Be a “Less Remote” Manager

Many managers are under the impression that they are approachable and easy to talk to when in actual fact, they seem unfriendly and more remote

“The importance of approachability cannot be exaggerated. Putting people at ease allows them to think and perform at their best in your presence,” says life coach Lizette Volkwyn

She advises:

  1. You need to set and maintain boundaries, but you cannot keep your office door shut and ignore calls all day
  1. You might have a title at work, but you are not the title – Make sure you remain human despite your seniority
  1. You are not a superhero – it is difficult to hide that you are overwhelmed and close to breaking point – being yourself with your own faults makes you more approachable – whether you are overworked, fully booked or if it is just not what you wat to focus on right now, stay consistent in your communication
  1. Be real and be human – being human means to show real interest in others and the people who work with you
  1. Keep lines of communication open and be honest when communicating with your colleagues – teach and guide people and build a following who can vouch for you when you are not available

This article was extracted from the local newspaper and was written by Margaret Harris

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