How to be a good manager rather than a bully

Good managers are tough but fair, accessible but not a pushover, and definitely never resort to bullying

“A toxic tough boss can use bullying tactics to express their authority. They would use phrases like “my way or the highway’. Which is not an encouraging attitude. People need to feel that they are valued, not that they are in a working environment that is controlled by what seems like a perfectionist,” says Devan Moonsamy, CEO of ICHAF Training Institute

He Advises:

Try to put people in positions that allow them to use their strengths and not struggle due to their weaknesses

If someone needs to be reprimanded, always do it in private

When dealing with an employee’s mistake, try to understand what happened so it can become a learning experience

You might think that you are gaining the respect of your superiors with your no-nonsense approach, but a high staff turnover will alert executives that your style is damaging to the company

Take the time to assess your management style and work on developing a strategic one focused on mentoring and guiding employees to grow within the organisation

This article was extracted from a local newspaper and written by Margaret Harris

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